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Wed, Jun. 12th, 2013, 02:12 am
Moar liek Celda!

Aw shit, son. They gone and done it. It's that time again.

I ain't even mad. Haven't been working on fan fic for a while. My SSB manuscripts molder, stuffed away in sleeping hard drives, so I'm not worried about keeping up to date.
Come to think of it, perhaps once the full roster is revealed, I could take another crack at it. Pretty irresponsible given all this original stuff I'm working on, trying to be all srs bsnz, but the temptation is there. Got a metric ass load of ideas I never fully executed on. Though oftentimes it's best to start over fresh. Naw, naw, I must be good.

Thoughts and impressions so far:
- Great job on the contrasting graphics styles of the portable and console versions. Nintendo was crazy to wait this long for a handheld installment.
- Hardcore tourney freaks are already crying. It does look rather Brawl-ish, but then I'm not an expert. The game looks developed past the rough alpha stage (again, not an expert), but who knows what could change. Perhaps Sakurai is merely revamping the Brawl engine? I wouldn't mind a smoother and faster feel for running and jumping myself.
- Bowser looks even better than his Brawl incarnation. This pleases me.
- I hope we get Snake and Sanic back. No idea what the odds are but I figure better than 50/50.
- Is Little Mac playable too much to ask for, this time around? I figure his odds are better than even as well, but if the assist trophies are brought back he may be forced to stay there. King Hippo should be the trophy this time around.
- Wonder what they'll do for FE? Sigh. Just like before, they'll play coy for months and months, the bastards. It feels likely Ike will get switched out for the new flavor of the month, ala the pokemans, they way they did Mewtwo and will probably boot Lucario for something newer. I hope Ike stays and we get a third FE, given Marth and Ike are very different fighters and there's plenty more weapon types to explore. Marth is hopefully safe, since he's been in since Melee and perhaps Sakurai will think of him as a classic Smash character by now. And Ike was in a Wii game...
- Please restore at least some of the power of old to Samus and Captain Falcon. Toss the Zero Suit.
- Should they bother with a story this time? Of all the elements, it's the content most likely to suffer from development time running short. Then again, rushed to market as it was, the Subspace Emissary mode did offer up so many moments of sweet, concentrated fanboy joy. Guess I hope they give it another shot. Even failure would be entertaining.
- No Ridley. He's too big for the stages.
- Very happy with the new 3rd party entry. I do appreciate that they're favoring a weapon-based moveset over punching and kicking, though the dragon uppercut rushed blood into my genitals at the mere sight of it.

- Oh yeah, and this newcomer puts a smile on my face. I was always of the opinion that we needed more women characters in Smash:

Stay furious, nerds and dudebros. I for one welcome our new fit, racially indeterminate overlord.

Tue, Apr. 8th, 2014 06:42 am (UTC)
mild_guy: Re: lol fanboy

Well, I got my wish, and Little Mac is playable now.

I should really finish revising that Little Mac fic I finished years ago. Poor Byoshi's beta reading and critique can't be allowed to go to waste.

As far as fan fic goes, well, I'd better just make a separate blog post about it.